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October. 23, 2015

My book Spirit Baby has been   published at Amazon, com
This is a non-fiction book about what I have learned from my experiences working as an alternative therapist with hundreds of infertile couples around the world. (My work is done online or by phone . Many of these couples have now conceived.) I will be posting excerpts weekly on my timeline.
Chapter One
Signs and Spirit Babies
All of us are connected. Every living thing, every robin, every rock. Images we see in the natural world, or in our dreams, can therefore be important messages from our guides.
Native North American people say that our dreams can give warnings of possible futures; the aboriginals of Australia felt that Dreamtime was more real than the everyday world.
Spirit is in everything. A sign which comes from the environment-inner or outer-(not from a friend or adviser directly talking to you about a problem)- is a cledon. These messages may take many forms.
When working with my clients who have had miscarriages, I encourage them to look for cledons in the environment (inner and outer). For example, it is believed in Japan that a spirit between lives can take the form of a butterfly.
1.) When I told this to a client, she excitedly told me that after her lost pregnancy, an unusual butterfly flew in to the house , landed on a curtain ,and stayed for several hours. She now understood that her miscarried baby was letting her know that she was coming back.
2.) Another client told me that as she was texting her husband(who was in a boat on the ocean, fishing with the client’s father) he saw a butterfly, miles from shore, at the same time that my client noticed one in her garden. (Spirit can be in two places at one time .)
3.) A client had suffered a stillborn baby boy. We worked at communicating with his spirit. Months later my client told me she was pregnant, and felt guilty and confused. The new baby was a girl, and my client only wanted her son back! I was able to tell her that souls are neither male nor female, and that her child was in fact the return of her stillborn son. Only then did the client remember a dream she had had , early in this pregnancy ,in which she saw a baby sitting calmly between two big dogs. The baby was dressed as a girl, but with a typical boy’s manner and apparent fearlessness. Now my client understood the message which her spirit baby was giving her in the dream…the baby looked like a girl but was still the little boy she loved!
4.) A client was racked with guilt over having had a termination many years before. She had also had a child whose birthdate was exactly ten years after the termination. Channeling revealed that the date was a very strong message that the Spirit Baby had in fact returned to her mother, and there was no reason for feeling guilt.