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Spirit Baby
October. 23, 2015
This is a non-fiction book about what I have learned from my experiences working as an alternative therapist with hundreds of infertile couples around the world. (My work is done online or by phone . Many of these couples have now conceived.)
Spirit Baby, Chapter One Excerpt
Signs and Spirit Babies
All of us are connected. Every living thing, every robin, every rock. Images we see in the natural world, or in our dreams, can therefore be important messages from our guides.
Native North American people say that our dreams can give warnings of possible futures; the aboriginals of Australia felt that Dreamtime was more real than the everyday world.
Spirit is in everything. A sign which comes from the environment-inner or outer-(not from a friend or adviser directly talking to you about a problem)- is a cledon. These messages may take many forms.
When working with my clients who have had miscarriages, I encourage them to look for cledons in the environment (inner and outer). For example, it is believed in Japan that a spirit between lives can take the form of a butterfly.
1.) When I told this to a client, she excitedly told me that after her lost pregnancy, an unusual butterfly flew in to the house , landed on a curtain ,and stayed for several hours. She now understood that her miscarried baby was letting her know that she was coming back.
2.) Another client told me that as she was texting her husband(who was in a boat on the ocean, fishing with the client’s father) he saw a butterfly, miles from shore, at the same time that my client noticed one in her garden. (Spirit can be in two places at one time .)
3.) A client had suffered a stillborn baby boy. We worked at communicating with his spirit. Months later my client told me she was pregnant, and felt guilty and confused. The new baby was a girl, and my client only wanted her son back! I was able to tell her that souls are neither male nor female, and that her child was in fact the return of her stillborn son. Only then did the client remember a dream she had had , early in this pregnancy ,in which she saw a baby sitting calmly between two big dogs. The baby was dressed as a girl, but with a typical boy’s manner and apparent fearlessness. Now my client understood the message which her spirit baby was giving her in the dream…the baby looked like a girl but was still the little boy she loved!
4.) A client was racked with guilt over having had a termination many years before. She had also had a child whose birthdate was exactly ten years after the termination. Channeling revealed that the date was a very strong message that the Spirit Baby had in fact returned to her mother, and there was no reason for feeling guilt.
Spirit Baby, Excerpt From Chapter Two  :The Other Side

The other side includes all those beings who live as close to us as our own heartbeat…even though most people are not aware of it, most of the time. The other side thus includes spirits of those who have passed, which fall into several categories.
If they have gone to the light to be healed they will eventually return in some form. For example, in my current work with Spirit Babies, I find that sometimes the deceased mother , grandmother or grandfather of the Spirit Baby’s bereaved mother (if she has had a miscarriage) is in her aura, helping to care for the Spirit Baby on an emotional and spiritual level .
Spirit babies after a miscarriage are a special case of “passed” beings. Because they have not lived in this lifetime outside the body, they do not have to return to have a life review. So they stay with their mother until they can come back to her…or if not to her directly, then it may be in the form of a relative’s child.
Other deceased souls often come back to those they loved in the hope that they will somehow be sensed and able to pass on the message that they are fine. After my father’s passing my mother got a visit from my father’s spirit who and simply said “wees niet bang” (Dutch for “Don’t be afraid.”)When doing a Reiki treatment I sometimes get messages from the client’s deceased loved ones .
Most women prior to becoming mothers, and some men , have Spirit Babies. The single most rewarding healing work I have done is helping the Spirit Babies who are having difficulty come in to the parents they have chosen. Come of them are Indigo Children (or whatever term you want to use)-highly developed souls who realise that with the great earth changes that are underway, their lives will be particularly challenging. Often they need me to give their parents specific messages about their life tasks etc. before they come in. Optimally, parents learn to communicate also.
Christine Nightingale

Spirit Baby, Excerpt from Chapter Three:  Infertility and Miscarriage -What Can You Do About it?

The first thing to acknowledge, if you have had a miscarriage, is that usually you will be able to have a healthy baby afterwards. However, you have to allow yourself time for grieving. It is essential that you have a support group. Official support groups exist in many areas where, bereaved parents can discuss their losses with caring strangers who soon become friends.

In Ontario, where I live, the perinatal and infant Loss Network serves this function. I have been a volunteer phone counselor for this organization, for women who are not yet ready to come to a group meeting. Talk to your doctor or pastor, look in community listings for bereavement groups, or talk to a close friend, your husband, sister, mother…just don’t keep it inside.

Many clients ask about Hypnosis for Fertility. Negative self-beliefs can be over-ridden by a few sessions. The client is helped to enter a relaxed state, in which the stress of believing one is infertile can be overcome, allowing the body to do its own healing work. A few sessions of hypnosis can double the success rate of allopathic remedies such as IVF. Or the Hypnosis and Reiki can be used on their own to help achieve a natural pregnancy. A Reiki Master (energy worker) can help you with healing the grief in your womb, and make your womb warm again.

Don’t underestimate the need to have excellent nutrition prior to conception. The genetically modified corn which comprises 40% of all processed foods(in the form of high fructose corn syrup and many other ingredients with complex names)wreaks havoc with the reproductive system. In animal studies GM corn was associated with birth defects and miscarriage at very low concentrations.

When I taught Holistic Nutrition at George Brown College I always recommended The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Harvest For Hope by Jane Goodall (of great ape fame)and Wheat Belly. Many people nowadays have gluten intolerances which they may not even be aware of. If you are often unwell, or have stomach issues, it is worthwhile checking out the possibility and modifying your diet if necessary.


Spirit Baby, Excerpt from ChapterFour  :Spiritual Relationships and Spirit Babies
All relationships are spiritual! That is to say, their ultimate purpose is to help us develop our spiritual understanding and gradually develop such traits as compassion, kindness, forgiveness, generosity, aesthetic ability (both as artist and audience), family love, the capacity for true friendship, the willingness to sacrifice, idealism, hard work, a willingness not to judge others, and so on.
You may have heard, ”You can pick your friends, but not your family.” Ah, now that is completely wrong! Spirit Babies (The spirits of future babies) always pick their parents, and in many cases their siblings too. We all make contracts before we enter each lifetime. So it can also be a mutual choice made before birth to reconnect with someone from another life and complete unfinished business. Your soul family may comprise 40-60 people. If you live long enough, you will meet many or most of your soul family.
The roles change as both parties find different ways to express their love for each other. They also help each other work out the issues, and develop the character traits, which they have chosen to work on in their before-life contracts on the other side. We choose our life tasks, and the family which will help us develop the character traits we want. Some Spirit Babies may even choose the hardship of unloving or immature parents, or a disability.
A parent-child relationship begins, ideally, as a mentoring relationship which encourages the young person to fulfill their potential and complete their life task, but it gradually changes to a friendship between equals, and there may even be role reversal at the end of the parent’s life.
Often children have something important to teach their parents. Until the message is understood, the Spirit Babies may delay their coming in. Your child may be as old a soul as you, or older. Some children come to teach their parents (and ALL children help their parents learn the true nature of adulthood!)

Spirit Baby, Excerpt from Chapter Five: How I Communicate with a Spirit Baby
Years before I had my children I knew I would have two boys, then a girl. I did not understand then that I must have been aware of my Spirit babies lined up in my own aura.
About a decade ago when doing Reiki treatments, I would get messages from a Spirit Baby in the mother’s aura. I was also able to communicate with my grand-daughter for years before her conception.
Most of my clients are by email. I can tune into your energy and that of the other people I ask about with the information you will be sending (name and birthdate of the future parents, etc.).
Sometimes I can hear the messages from their babies (clairaudience).
Sometimes I get a third-eye visual of how the baby is choosing to look at that moment, for example, a two year old girl carrying a basket of flowers(clairvoyance).
If the information is very powerful I get a physical reaction , like a shiver up my spin(clairsentience)

Seeing the information of names and birth dates on the page helps me to tune in to the Akashic records of the lives of the spirits involved , to know what brings these souls together, for example (claircognizance)
I usually work in the wee hours of the morning, when other people’s energy is least likely to interfere. The conversations with spirit babies, grandparent spirits who are often watching the babies etc. are transcribed and sent to you. This is about what the babies wish to say, things they need you to know. They may well choose to address messages to you directly, calling you Mom or Dad. .

You are free to add questions to the information you send me and the Spirit Baby  or other spirits (such as guides or spirits of deceased relatives) will answer.

The Spirit Baby   often speaks at a spiritual (adult) level , since they have had previous lives and may present with adult sensibility.


Chapter 7 excerpt :Karma , Reincarnation , and Popular Culture

Many people have erroneous ideas about the meaning of karma as it relates to past lives. When they are considering having a past life hypnotic regression (under hypnosis) or a past life reading (channeled by another), they express fear that they may have done something bad in a past life and will therefore be punished.
Karma is not about punishment at all. It is more like this basic law of physics: for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. This theme is explored in Bruce Cockburn’s song Call me Rose.

“My name was Richard Nixon only now I’m a girl
you wouldn’t know it but I used to be the king of the world
compared to last time I look like I’ve hit the skids
living in the project with my two little kids
it’s not what I would of chose
now you have to call me Rose

I was boss of bosses the last time around
I lived by cunning and ambition unbound…
I was an arrogant man
but now I’ve got it in hand…

I’m back here learning what it is to be poor
to have no power but the strength to endure
I’ll perform my penance well.”

Popular culture has recently explored the idea of reincarnation. Cloud Atlas is a movie which explores the journey of a particular soul through male, female and cloned bodies, from centuries ago to centuries in the future.
Common phobias can originate in a past life. A woman came for a regression specifically because she had suddenly developed a fear of highway driving and suspected a past life reason.
In her past life regression the client described being a male, wearing big baggy bloomers and stockings, sitting on the outside seat at the front of a horse-drawn carriage with paying passengers, The person had been a stagecoach driver, probably in England in the 1700’s . The client described travelling under a bridge, and having a man all in black jump on him and kill him,
When the client( now female) reached the same age, her astral body memory recalled being killed on the highway ,hence the sudden phobia of highway driving. .
Understanding this-and doing the forgiveness work-completely cleared up the fear.

Returning Spirit Babies  are given choices, but may be gently nudged in the direction they need to go. Many Spirit Babies (the unborn, not yet conceived souls) find it hard to return to a life of pain and sorrow after experiencing the realms of light and love
A song which deals with this theme is “Reincarnation Song” by Toad the Wet Sprockett.

“I thought this light would comfort me
I thought it would be easy
But there’s a tugging at my sleeve
And too much baggage I brought with me to leave

Something so big I can’t understand
From trying to I would go mad
So I hurry back to little earth
For another life another birth
Another life another birth

Mother? “

Christine Nightingale ‘s speciality is channeling the messages of Spirit Babies, not yet conceived or previously lost spirits who live in their parents’ auras.

Chapter 8 Excerpt: “Women’s” Intuition and Spirituality by Christine Nightingale
When a young man was out hiking in the mountains his mother awakened his father to say, ”Joe’s in trouble.” Then she said minutes later ,”He’s all right now.” Joe had stopped in pitch dark to camp, with his sleeping bag (though he did not know it) right at the edge of a cliff. Something made him awaken in the middle of the night, rummage for his flashlight, and then hurriedly find a safer place to sleep.
It is essential for the baby’s survival-and this is true in many species-that the mother be tuned in at all times to her young one’s safety. But surely intuition is not limited to mother-child relationships? Why do we speak as if only women have it?
An acquaintance, Vicky, who is an identical twin, said she could always feel what her twin was experiencing. Once when her twin was in a car accident, Vicky experienced the exact sensations her twin was going through.
Why might an identical twin might be so “tuned in” to her twin that it could become painful? Perhaps it has to do with the choice Spirit Babies can make to become identical twins-arguably the closest relationship anyone could have to another- a choice made before birth and based in previous lives together.
Perhaps love is not limited in time, space, or bodily identity.
A group of heart patients who were prayed for had better outcomes than another group who were not prayed for. -Is it possible that the focussed intention of good towards a person one does not even see or touch can have a profound effect?
And if so, why?
If we believe something is possible, we can bring it about. Girls have observed since earliest childhood that their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and female neighbours “feel” whether their child is getting into trouble.
Yet surely men have those capacities too? Souls are neither male nor female-so if a soul incarnates as a male, does this mean an automatic disadvantage in intuition?
Perhaps- if the message constantly given in the surrounding culture is,” That’s not appropriate behaviour for a male.”
Peter is a house-husband with a small part-time business which does not earn much money. He is a wonderful, nurturing father, and does all the things which traditionally, women in relationships do-keeping up social contacts, creating a home. Peter is at a tremendous disadvantage in developing skills like intuition, because he does not see that anyone values those skills- or him.
But isn’t that what this world needs more of?

And it is certainly possible that his children, in Spirit Baby form, chose Peter , the nurturing member of the couple, rather than  his wife.
Intuitive skills can also relate to works of art or scientific discoveries. There is the story about Newton “discovering” the theory of gravity when an apple fell on his head. JK Rowling tells that the entire Harry Potter series of 9 books downloaded itself into her brain in a single session.
These are examples of human beings finding a way to tap into something much larger than themselves -the Field which connects all of us.
When children are born they remember things. One little girl of four told me, ” I have something to tell you. Before when I was big and my daddy was little, he was my baby and he was in my tummy.”
In western culture such knowing is usually attributed to imagination. Yet what is a child prodigy-like Mozart , who wrote “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at the age of 5-but a child who has not yet forgotten what he once knew?
Spirit Babies speak  to us all the time. We can develop (or just allow) clairaudience (hearing) clairsentience (feeling) claircognizance (knowing), or clairvoyance(seeing.)
So a mother hoping to conceive may hear a child ‘s voice saying “Mommy mommy mommy” when there is no child around (clairaudience).
In Japanese folklore the soul between lives takes the form of a butterfly. A woman hoping to conceive may see a butterfly in her garden while her husband (who she is texting) sees one miles out to sea. This is clairvoyance.
Many, many women have felt their Spirit Baby alight inside them(clairsentience) or just knew that they were pregnant before tests confirmed it (claircognisance.)
As fathers take a more and more active role in caring for their young children- with the diaper changing and all the other nitty –gritty of caring for very young children ,there may be a really major change in perception. We may find that we can all develop this very great gift … connection to each other and to All That Is.


If you are a woman who has contracted before this lifetime to have a child, you have a Spirit Baby. And if you have a Spirit Baby, you already have women’s intuition.
Being able to connect intuitively with your offspring is essential to the survival of babies…since 99.9% of young babies are cared for by women, and 100% of babies are birthed by women. Women’s intuition does not develop after giving birth, but rather before even conceiving. The spirit pre-exists the individual lifetime.
Intuition means a heightened awareness of the four clairs.
Clairaudience means hearing something which is out of place. Clairvoyance means seeing a message in something which is out of the ordinary in the environment.
A woman and her mother were sharing a hotel room. They were both psychically aware. Marjorie (a pseudonym) had been aware for years of fleeting glimpses of a little girl(not solid-looking), footsteps at night , doors opening and closing at night, a little girl’s voice saying “Mommy”. On this occasion Marjorie asked her presumed spirit baby to give her a clear message, right then, away from her home.
The bathroom light suddenly went on. When Marjorie and her mother went to investigate, the whole fixture had been pulled out of the wall by an unseen hand.
The messages (implied) ?” I am here, I am a light being, I am very powerful, I am actively communicating with you and trying to get your attention. “

Clairsentience means feeling something with the emotions . Claircognisance means “just knowing” without physical evidence that something is true. Which is it when a mother “just knows’ or “just feels” that she is going to have a boy or a girl? Probably both.
Anecdotally, this happens a lot more often than chance. Women who have already had one baby are likelier to be able to predict the gender of the one they are now carrying, saying that “the energy just feels different.”
I wondered , could a mother initiate communication with a spirit baby who was in her aura but not yet attached to a body? Worth a try…why not make it part of Hypnosis for Fertility, with a focussed “meeting” with the future child …mother in trance , questions which were previously decided upon
Situation Two
“Do you have a message for mommy?”
(Mother feels warmth…clairsentience… indicates love and presence)
Situation Three
Question: “What is the purpose to this fertility journey?
(Mother hears words…clairaudience) “Love.”
Question: Is my life task to be a healer?
Question: What am I supposed to be learning?
“To love and be loved.”
Do you communicate with your big brother?

Situation Four
Question: How can I make it easier for you to come in?
(Mom gets a clairvoyant picture of a little girl skipping through a garden).
She takes this to mean, have fun in the process.
Question: Will Mommy be able to have a natural birth?
Clairsentient /clairaudient reply : “Undecided.”
Question: Will you come early, late or on time?
Mother hears giggling. Takes this to mean, timing will be fine.
Question: What will you need to feel at home when you arrive?
Clairvoyant and clairaudient answer: “safety” and a visual of a blanket which the mother had as a baby.
Developing intuitive communication is within every mother’s capacities…and can be a wonderful affirmation of the sacredness of motherhood.
Christine Nightingale. B.A., R.M., C.H.