Spirit Babies



Spirit Babies

Have you lost one or more pregnancies? I lost my first , and was devastated… and also very aware of how little spiritual help is available at that time.

Have you experienced infertility? My older son and his wife went through infertility treatments for four years…but this time it was very different for me, as I was in touch with my little grand-daughter the whole time, and kept giving the young couple  little baby girl clothes as I knew for sure she was on her way.

Talking to Spirit Babies   is little different than what other mediums do in transmitting the messages of older crossed-over loved ones to a client. The big difference is that the Spirit Baby is almost always in the mother’s aura, and so there is no question of whether or not they will choose to appear.  They always have lots to share!

Since starting to specialize in this area,   I have worked with over four hundred fifty   couples who are seeking to communicate with their Spirit Babies. The children may have been lost in a previous pregnancy, or not yet conceived. Each reading is very different. However the babies always give messages about having chosen their parents, loving their mother, and usually, what the parents need to understand or do before the baby can come in or come back. Very often the babies give identifying information which I had not been told, which lets the parents know that they are speaking with their child. For example, the baby may express a wish to visit the mother’s birth city, or make it clear that the parents need to change their travel plans, or even ask that the parents be willing to accept a particular non-medical   issue that the child is coming in with.   In a very few cases where the baby is not coming back in the flesh, the mother is told what role the baby will now play in the mother’s life.

When I became a Reiki master in 1997 my psychic abilities  started to open up . Reiki involves working with the person’s energy field in order to remove blockages caused by trauma or stress, in order to facilitate   healing.

Very soon I started getting unsolicited messages from the departed loved ones of my clients.

A mother whose adult daughter had passed two weeks before got a visit from her  daughter. The spirit said, “Ask her about the necklace.” Apparently my client had been going through her mementos of her daughter and found the hospital ID bracelet her daughter had been given at birth, She was happy to  .learn that her daughter was obviously still with her .

A young woman client got a message from a lady who introduced herself as my client’s Nikomis. My client had not told me that her heritage included  First Nations . The word  in her First Nations language for grandmother is Nikomis.

A young man with cancer said he saw his sister running happily in a field of flowers. He told me she had committed suicide. I thought that it was pretty clear that my client would be leaving this plane soon and that his sister would be coming to take him to the light.

My friend came to see me after the death of her father. As she lay crying on the Reiki table a man’s voice said, “it’s okay, pumpkin, I’m all right, I’m right here.” Apparently her father had called her Pumpkin when she was a child.

Then I started getting messages from Spirit Babies, children who have passed before birth or even in some cases, children who have not yet been conceived.

In the first instance, a woman in her fifties came to see me for Reiki. I told her that I saw a young girl in her energy field, pre-pubescent, beautiful, ethereal looking,  with a very sad expression. She said she had made it her life task to help her mother throughout her life, and was still waiting to be acknowledged. The client told me she had had a  termination  decades before. I told her that the child was still eager to communicate with her. When she agreed, I helped facilitate their first conversation.

In April of 2011 I took a course in advanced Hypnosis for Fertility. The instructor, Shawn Gallagher, asked each participant to tell something interesting about themselves. I said i was able  to  channel. Shawn  asked`whether I could channel Walter. I asked, ” Who’s Walter?” I had read his book Spirit Babies but had not registered the name. I also I did not know that he had passed the month before. I replied that  I could channel any passed spirit  who was willing to speak to me.

That evening I had a psychic conversation with this gentle, sweet, loving spirit who had been a channeler for many  years. I asked Walter whether I could do what he had done . He said, “Yes, but you will do it in your own way.”  He has continued to be my mentor.

It became clear to me  that speaking  with the spirit of babies who had passed before birth or very early, or who had not yet been conceived, was now my calling.  The Spirit Baby is always in the mother’s aura, and so there is no question of whether or not they will choose to appear. They ALWAYS do.

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