Guardian Angels and Guides

How Can Angel Guidance Healing Help You?

All the major faiths include reference to angels as intermediaries between humanity and God. Everyone is assigned guardian angels at birth in order to:

  1. Love them unconditionally.
  2. Help them fulfill their life task.
  3. Help them find their true life mate, if they are ready.
  4. Rescue them or warn them of danger (e.g. not to take a certain plane flight)
  5. Help them find their way back to God.

In the normal course of human life, most people have intuitions, dreams of a special quality, bright ideas, a sense of whether someone is a potential friend or enemy, etc. All of these are messages from guardian angels or guides.

Sometimes as a  Reiki Master  I channel spiritual information. Reiki involves working with the person’s energy field in order to remove blockages caused by trauma or stress, in order to facilitate  healing. Spirit Guides and angels who are working with the client often have messages to impart.

For example, just as an introduction the guide or angel might say

This is your Spirit guide. You are a very warm and sweet soul. Keep having faith that your family will be happy and united as a truly happy and loving . You are very blessed with love. You are also very strong, in a womanly way. Accept your own power to make change in the world by a ripple effect from your own family and life.

This is Archangel  Michael(in the aspect of   Chael-to be addressed as Chael)You have the ability to be strong and wise in the fulfillment of your family and life tasks . You have done a lot of growing since the last lifetime you were all together. Archangel Michael is about justice, fairness to all, righting wrongs, protection. See yourself this way with your wife and children and in your life’s work.

When a client asks for angel guidance,  I get the names and attributes of their guardian angels at the start of the session. I get answers to their questions in visual or auditory form

If there is a Spirit Baby in the mother’s aura,   I will be able to tell them, usually along with information as to when this child will be ready to come through onto this plane. I sometimes get information from loved ones who have crossed over. I also can sense the presence of a future baby (Spirit Baby) in the mother’s aura. This is helpful for people who are unsure whether they will ever be able to have a child. Please refer to the Spirti Baby page andthe Distance Channeling for Spirit Babies page.

People for whom I have done a  reading report significant positive changes in clearing blocks, easing pain, and having a clearer sense of the direction in which their lives should be heading.

Many readings are done by email. I request the names and birthdate of the person requesting the reading, and of any other people about whom they have questions(usually about karmic ties.)An um,limite number of questions may be asked.

Payment for Guardinn angel channeling can be made by Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal.

My  charge  is $200.

Client response(in part)Thanks Christine.  This was a great reading.  I’m glad to learn of the other guides.  It really opened my eyes to a direction of healing.

Client #142 Christine – thank you so much for your help. This has been most beneficial…. I know there are other things I have to be doing…..
Thanks Christine – your gifts are most appreciated 🙂