Spirit Babies

Spirit Babies

As most mothers understand, it is possible to communicate with the unborn child.

As an intuitive, I have developed this ability in order to help apparently infertile couples  achieve their goal. They are helped to connect with the spirit of the child who was lost in a previous pregnancy or not yet conceived .  Many of my clients are couples who have lost one or more pregnancies , or who have had difficulty conceiving  Many of my readings are done by email. I am  able to connect with the relevant energies using full names and birth dates of parents, lost pregnancies, and family histories involving children who left this plane early. Time and space have no meaning on the other side.

Before birth, Spirit Babies are undoubtedly aware of their mothers’ and fathers’ thoughts and feelings. They are in the spirit realm, therefore less restricted than most incarnated humans in their field of knowing. They choose their parents and  their life lessons. The Spirit Babies I am working with need some extra encouragement to complete their journey towards birth. While giving the mother a Reiki treatment, or channeling at a distance,  I am able to feel the presence of the spirit baby and it communicates telepathically, often in the voice of a young child, sometimes in the voice of the previous incarnation. It gives identifying information, its gender, and the reasons it had for not coming in to stay yet. It generally has wanted reassurance that the mother is ready to love it unconditionally.

In all cases I worked with, the same soul was returning to them in each pregnancy, but backed out for various reasons. In one case  there had been two bodies with disabilities, and the soul had not built that into its life task, so was waiting for a healthy body. In some  cases the  spirit had passed violently in a previous life as a child, and wanted reassurance that the parents could provide a safe place for it to grow up. When a pregnancy  has been aborted, the Spirit Baby stays with the mother as long as there is a chance of returning. These Spirit Babies have messages to give.

The Spirit Baby always had a particular reason to choose the parents. It could  be love  for similar things (e.g. dancing).  Sometimes the child had a previous life in a  similar culture to that of the future  parents. Sometimes they had  past karma  (for example, being a sister to the future mother in a previous life.) Sometimes a sibling or even grandparent chooses to return to a family.

The Spirit Baby usually gives identifying material to the prospective parents ( such as stating the name of the mother’s birth city, saying he wanted her  to take him there). This let the parents know that  their future child was communicating with them. Sometimes the Spirit Baby  wants to be called in. The Spirit Baby wants  the mother to say that she will love him unconditionally.  Most prospective parents who have had a chance to communicate with their Spirit Baby  embrace the future child with unconditional love.

The Spirit Baby chooses  the parent or parents and wants to know that it is a reciprocal relationship.  I am grateful for the gift of being able to help parents connect with their Spirit Babies.

My basic charge is $250.oo USD, to be paid by Paypal. (You do not need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal.) Further questions after the reading are accepted.

Christine Nightingale