Stress is a fact of modern life.  It has been associated with a multitude of ills including insomnia, infertility, heart disease, and immune system dysfunction. A system under stress is in fight or flight mode. The parasympathetic nervous sytem is activated and the body prepares for the worst. The body cannot distinguish between real or imagined threats. The boss yelling at you, or being cut off in traffic,  is in bodily terms, the same as an attack by a saber-toothed tiger. We are wired to respond with a rush of adrenaline and a shutting down of non-essential functions such as digestion and ovulation. When this stress continues day after day, the body wears out, the immune system shuts down, hormonal balance is affected, and a variety of physical ailments can result.

There are several very effective ways of coping with stress. Reiki hands-on energy healing allows the release of blockages and tension by balancing the chakras(7 main energy stems of the body.) The chakras have been understood in eastern medicne for thousands of years.

Another very effective way of minimizing stress is Hypnosis. By accessing the subconscious, where all habits are stored, it is possible to reframe situations and to change one’s perspective on one’s own capacities. When the hypnotist designs individualized scripts for a client based on what the client wishes to accomplish, change can occur amazingly fast.

Virtually all my clients say that a combination Reiki and hypnosis session makes them feel calm, relaxed, and more able to cope with their challenges Whether the issue is generalized stress or some of its related problems in living(smoking, weight, fertility issues, lack of confididence,anxiety) body-mind methods are very helpful. What is learned in the session can then be taken out into the world to bring about lasting change.