Past life regression and past life readings

Many religions acknowledge that the soul reincarnates many times in order to learn a number of things, resolve issues, purify itself and find its way back to God. Many studies done with young children who spontaneously report past life memories have found that information-which they could not have obtained otherwise about now-deceased people whom they claim to have been at one time-could be verified.

All of us are drawn to people with whom we have past karma. Unfortunately it is not always positive. We may have a karmic debt to a person whom we hurt in a previous life, and paying that debt to them might involve our own suffering. It is not generally understood that we always have a choice about how to work out our own karma. This might include, for example, saying, “I no longer have to suffer being abused. Thank you for the lesson and good-bye.”

Clients may want to know why they have developed a sudden unexplained illness or phobia, why they are so afraid to confront authority figures, or what sort of a relationship they once had with their spouse or parent. Having this information can be enormously beneficial to healing emotional blocks or physical pain. A friend may have been a lover, a lover may have been a parent, or a parent may have been a friend in a past life. The exact nature of the relationship is a clue to issues in the present. (For example, a sister who resented having to take care of her baby brother in a past life may now be a wife who is very critical.) Having this information often transforms one’s life, making it easier to get on with one’s true life task or clarifying the problems in a relationship.

Past life regression hypnosis involves helping the client enter a meditative state in which remembering past events more clearly becomes easier. We always start with a discussion of what the client is hoping to achieve, then go back to at least two childhood memories. Then the client is encouraged to go further back. About 95% are able to do so, reliving past lives which very often explain issues they are coping with in the present. Often the client is able to state who in the present life is the person they are describing in the past life. It can be a very emotional experience. The healing and understanding which comes out of this experience is often life-changing . A single in- person  session usually brings up two past lives. The cost is $170. Please address any questions to

I have often obtained past-life information   for clients by channeling online .

This involves unlimited questions, gives you a permanent record, and is done by email.

We all have themes which we are working on in a particular lifetime.

It is useful or you to reflect upon the themes you may be working on with important significant others.

So sending a short autobiography before your questions, to put them into context, is helpful .
Please send names and birth dates of the others and their relationship to you,

For example, you can ask about your younger brother who was like a child of your own , or a sister who was always emotionally troubled and needy,

and how this impacted on you.My approach in this is to help you to see why you have such and such a person is in your life,
what you are trying to heal in this particular relationship, why a particular person rubs you the wrong  way etc.

i do not foretell the future, but i help people create the future they want .
My understanding is that we create our own reality by how we deal with any situation,
from attracting certain kinds of energy in people to being  assertive in appropriate ways about what we want.

It is far easier for me   to get relevant information if you ask many questions .
I feel i am not authorized to get information which you have not asked about .

There may very well be many changes  you have to make before your dreams will come true.
Issues are ALWAYS the  beginning of a spiritual journey. So it is more a question of becoming more aware of
the many ways in which  you can create your own reality, rather than believing that everything  is preordained.
It is not. We are given the power of free choice…the most important distinction between humans and animals .

 We co-create reality by our behaviors and expectations .
Usually there  are past life issues which need to be healed…past life karma is almost always the reason we have particular kinds
of difficulties with particular areas of life or particular family
members  etc.

Any major themes in a lifetime…from who you fall in  love with,  to who you choose as parents ,

or why your children choose you,  what your life task is, where you want to live as an adult,

to when you manifest health issues …can have past life roots.

The cost is $200.USD for a reading .

Some  clients seek information about their own future children (Spirit Babies.) They may ask what the karma was which may prevent their

Spirit Baby coming in, leading to miscarriage or stillbirth.  Such babies are in the mother’s aura until they are ready to come in.

In this situation channeling is very appropriate. It can also be done at a distance. Spirit baby readings can include past life questions  but not vice-versa.

The cost is $250USD