Spiritual healing through laying on of hands
Which works by the balancing
of the energy centres of the body (chakras)


Simply put, the Reiki therapist draws energy from the universal source of all life, light and energy. This energy is transmitted through the hands of the therapist into the body of the person who requests healing.

There are seven energy centres – chakras – in the body:

Location Function Auric Colour Essential Oil
Crown of Head Inspiration, connection to source White Frankincense
Third Eye (Middle of Forehead) Clarity, higher vision Violet Sandalwood
Throat Truth, ability to communicate Blue Lavender
Heart Unconditional love and healing Green Rose
Solar Plexus Faith, trusting my feelings Yellow Ginger
Sacral (Reproductive Organs) Creativity, playfulness Orange Jasmine
Root (Base of Spine) Trust, connection to mother earth Red Vetiver

The Reiki practitioner gently toushes the area near the chakras(or may work above the level of the body if the client prefers.) Clients report great warmth coming from my hands, and a feeling of relaxation.

The client must be involved in the healing which occurs(it cannot be a passive “fix me ” attitude), must request the healing, and there must be an energy exchange of some sort. Often intuitive messages are to be found in the client’s aura; these are shared with the client with permission. For example, if a person beloved by the client has recently crossed over, there may be a message from that soul.  An unborn child or Spirit Baby within the mother’s aura (miscarried, or  not yet conceived on this plane) may have a message. Prospective parents find this very helpful in overcoming blocks to conception.