What Does The Spirit Baby Say?

What Does The Spirit Baby Say?

In the hilarious you-tube viral video ”What Does the Fox Say?”  by Ylvis, the lead singer bemoans the fact that he is unable to communicate with a fox, which he describes as ”You’re my guardian angel, hiding in the woods”. He goes on to say ”if you should meet a friendly horse, would you communicate by Morse?” The punchline occurs when the fox appears in the background and  does a song and dance routine.  But the singers in the front  of the scene  are too busy bemoaning the difficulty of communication to see or hear him,  and he vanishes again.

Let’s compare this   to spirit baby communication.

Most mothers do understand that it is possible to communicate with the baby while pregnant. They can observe  that the baby responds to the energy of different people who come near the mother, particularly  the father, and also responds to the mothers’ mood.

Now let’s look at the typical spirit baby scenario, when the mother is  having difficulty either getting pregnant or staying pregnant. She may even have had a termination which she deeply regrets. How can she communicate with the child who is “hiding in the woods”, as far as she is concerned?

1.)   Clairvoyance(clear seeing)

“I now sing to and talk with my Spirit Baby often often…and I know she hears me.  I asked her for an obvious sign, that I needed to know it was her.  A feather flew right into my hands the following day….  It wasn’t a bird’s feather, it wasn’t a pillow feather, it was a feather like I have never seen.  I knew it was her sign for me.  “

This mother is developing her clairvoyance- the ability to “see” the message in something visual which is out of place and directly relates  to a spiritual  issue.

In another example the spirit baby often takes the form of a bird or butterfly.

“Mother: The bird with a beautiful red chest flew into our house 3 days ago

They say it’s for death

Your daddy said it’s a new life

Was it you?
Your mommy”


Spirit baby; “Yes, Mommy ,that was me. “  


In a third example of clairvoyance ,the mother had learned that in Japanese lore, the spirit between lives takes the form of a butterfly.

She saw a lovely butterfly in her garden, and excitedly texted her husband, who was miles out to sea fishing with his father-in-law. At the same moment, her husband saw a butterfly over the ocean. (Yes, spirit  can appear  in two places at once. )


2.)  Clairaudience(clear hearing)


Another “clair” which can be developed-once the mother realises it is possible to have  communication with the spirit realm –is clairaudience.

When mothers of babies who are not yet conceived hear a small voice (and there is no other child  speaking nearby) the voice says  very simple words such as “Mommy Mommy  Mommy” or “I’m here” .

There may also be  the mother’s own higher self, clearly audible as her own voice, saying ”This is going to work” which was interpreted as meaning , “Spiritual communication is being established and pregnancy will follow.”

3.)  Clairsentience (clear feeling)

A mother wonders, “When I sing to my spirit baby I do not hear a voice. I do not see anything. But I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Does that mean anything?”

Yes, it does.  This mother is feeling clairsentience- a feeling associated with love, with holding a baby .Her own heart energy is making her feel warm and fuzzy when it feels the answering love of the spirit baby in her aura.

4.) Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Finally, there is the phenomenon of Claircognizance

One mother had been traumatized after her miscarriage by a know-it-all doctor who recited all the medical reasons why miscarriages could occur, finishing off with these words, “And some girls (sic) can’t have babies at all. They just have miscarriage after miscarriage.”

Let’s put aside  the obvious riposte about  demeaning  language. The most important things the doctor was  missing were 1.)  bedside manner and 2.) the awareness that miscarriage  is very often a means to an end of spiritual awakening in the mother.

When this mother became pregnant again she worried throughout her pregnancy that it would not last. Finally she asked her child for a sign.

That night she dreamed of a little boy running towards her in a sunlit meadow. She “just knew” that this was a sign from the baby that he was all right, She delivered a healthy boy.

The function of “women’s intuition” (which men can also have) is to make a mother  aware of her child’s needs, especially when there is a problem and the child may not be physically present to her senses.  A woman becomes a mother when the spirit baby chooses her, which may be years before she gives birth.

Because of the need to care for and protect her child, all mothers have the potential  to develop one or all of the clairs. Some are more comfortable with one or another.  It is not necessary to use more than one, once communication has been comfortably established with the spirit baby. When the mother is sure her unconceived child can hear her, it becomes easy to say the only things that really need to be said, “I love you, Daddy loves you , (big brother or sister are looking forward to you, if applicable) and we are ready to have you join our family.” 

And singing a lullaby seems to soothe every baby-whether before or after birth. Mommy’s voice is always the voice of an angel!

P.S. Spirit babies are capable of extremely detailed and complex communication too, as they may temporarily take on the adult form they may have had in a previous life when they knew the mother. They may tell why they chose their parents, what the karmic connections were, and why they are having difficulty  coming in.  Generally it requires the help of an experienced medium to get these more complex messages.

Christine Nightingale

To Be Published in By Region .com newsletter April 12th, 2014