Three Main Services

Details below

I have found in 270 plus email sessions that usually a great many details and information come through , and any questions which come up can also be answered in a follow-up email. Time and space have no meaning on the other side. All intuitives have tools of access(tarot cards, tea leaves, rune stones, scrying etc.) . Mine are the Akashic records, records of souls, which i can access when i have the client’s name and birth date and the same information for the others they are asking about, so i can cross-check. My charge is $300.00

Spirit babies always stay with their mother, in her aura.

Most of my clients are by e-mail only because of where they live.
Please send me the following:

Your full name and birth date and that of your partner
Names and birth dates of any living children

Fertility history

details of any lost pregnancy such as beginning and end dates as far as you know them.

Anything else you think might be relevant?
No limit on how many questions you send.
People often ask why their spirit baby has chosen them, their feelings etc.
A recent client asked
• What does the baby need in order to come in?
• Does she need to be reassured? .
• Is there anything she needs me to know?
• What can I do to be a good mother and offer her a good family?
• Do I need to relax more?
• Do I need to make changes to my lifestyle?
• Is there something I don’t know that I don’t know?

When you send me the information and questions I will do the reading ASAP and bill you by Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.

Second stage: one of the session below.

After a reading the mother may wish to have help preparing for successful pregnancy.
In fertility work the goal is to attain personal empowerment, which will let nature take its course through inner peace, and the ability to accept, appreciate and embrace life.
Hypnotherapy maximizes the chances of conceiving naturally and/or increases the success of medical assistance.Every cell responds to the messages which we believe to be true. Because they operate at a subconscious level, they can only be addressed at a subconscious level. A woman who has had a miscarriage may need help with emotional healing .
The cost is $120.

Hypnosis for fertility Plus Mother communicates with spirit baby

I have been working on a new technique which is extremely powerful. I get the mother to relax deeply into hypnosis and give her affirming messages about her ability to heal her own fertility. Then I get her to find her spirit baby in her trance state and directly connect with her baby .The babies answer questions ( which their mothers have previously sent to me) in symbols, colours etc. which I can help the mothers decipher. So if this interests you, I will use the questions you send (addressed to the baby.)I will incorporate them into the session.

For example, one mother asked whether the baby would arrive early or on time. She got an image of a pink baby blanket.(clairvoyance)
This indicated to me that it would be a normal delivery time(no incubator) and also that it was a girl, which she had not been told. There were six questions in all.
The client’s ultrasound, days later, confirmed all the answers which her baby had given her.

Another baby kept saying to the mother(she heard it in her trance state) “smile , mommy“. (clairaudience)
The client realised that she had not smiled since losing a pregnancy, The baby was letting her know that she needed to be happy to conceive again.
Mothers seem much more comfortable with doing their own `communication` after such a session, once they have directly experienced how their own baby communicates with them.

A third mother heard what sounded like a lot of static on her phone during the hypnosis session , like a whole conversation between a man, woman and child. Then she felt or understood the message from the baby ‘that’s why I can’t be safe , there is too much noise going on in the womb. “ She understood that she had to heal from past termination guilt ..and her baby was not angry at her. (clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance)
The cost is $250.

I have found that this process is much more successful after a reading, and after the mother has spent a little time reading and focussing on how spirit babies communicate. All mothers can develop these abilities but as with any skill practice makes perfect.
Christine Nightingale,B.A.,R.M.,C.H.
Love and light,