Healing for Miscarriage or Pregnancy Termination

Many of my clients have issues relating to their past experience of miscarriage , termination, stillbirth, early infant death, ectopic pregnancy etc.  Sometimes their concern is that they have had one or more miscarriages and are worried about ever being able to carry a baby to term. Or they may have had a termination and are unsure  whether they are `meant to have a baby`. Either circumstance may lead to lingering guilt or other health effects.

It is my understanding that these are spiritual issues, not physical ones. In regressing adult clients to the womb it is clear that a baby is fully aware of its mother`s thoughts and feelings in utero. Also,  all children choose their parents before birth , in order to learn whatever they need to learn. They may even choose a very short experience of being incarnated (for example, a higher being such as an angel who wants to experience human life for a very short while.)

As a Reiki Master and channeler, I became aware that other energies were to be found in the client`s energy field. These energies included departed loved ones (adult child, spouse, parent, grandparent. sibling) but also Spirit Babies (unborn  or not yet conceived babies). Two women in their fifties who had had terminations decades before were given messages from the spirits of those babies. In one case, the child simply asked for recognition and a chance to be a spirit guide to her chosen mother. In the other, the message involved the details of returning as twin daughters decades later to a family member. The client  verified that there was a close and immediate bond between her and those two babies. Also, that due to a very rare medical condition one almost died before birth-needing to relive the trauma in order to heal.

Neither miscarriage or termination causes  the Spirit Babies to feel anger or even sadness. If the mother is still young enough to give birth (up to age fifty with my clients) they want confirmation that they are wanted NOW.  In the case of miscarriage, there are often very good spiritual reasons which do not  imply any fault on the part of the mother. Often they relate to past-life trauma which the spirit suffered  before and which the parents need to know about in order for healing to occur. It is best if healing occurs before birth. It sometimes is a very specific request on the part of the Spirit Baby regarding geography (to visit or not to live in a specific country or city which the parents had not previously told me about.)  Or the baby may wish to  share specific interests such as singing or dancing (which the parents had not previously told me about.)

In a number  of cases the client`s deceased grandmother was watching over the miscarried or terminated Spirit Baby or Babies  until it was time for the return.

Parents are told the reasons for miscarriage  (almost always spiritual,in my experience) by the Spirit Baby, with my facilitation. Then   the child has a better chance not only of being born successfully but of being happy in this lifetime. Future parents, please be aware that the millions of children who have recently died in wartime or famine will want to return…and often cannot return to their families of origin, who no longer exist. Thus the chance of a previously traumatized child choosing affluent first-world parents is higher.

Generally the process is as follows. The client and I exchange emails or talk on the phone about the basic details of the problem. We set an appointment, generally an hour and a half long. We discuss in person what they wish to accomplish. Often grieving  has to be fully done. The loss of a pregnancy is a very great trauma. I then offer Reiki energy healing, which helps the woman or both parents relax. In this situation I can pass on messages from the Spirit Baby, who is usually still in the mother`s aura. The message will usually shed light on why the pregnancy was lost (if in miscarriage) and what needs to happen if the child is to feel safe enough to return. With termination, the Spirit Baby may want to know whether it will be all right to  return later.

After the first visit, I will suggest subsequent sessions whenever the client feels the need,  which will include Reiki energy healing and often further messages.  Hypnosis for fertility will focus on stress release, grieving and confidence. Wise woman remedies (such as red clover tisane) and practices which have been used for millenia to enhance fertility will be discussed. Once the pregnancy is established, follow up sessions of Reiki and hypnosis  will be available in order  to prepare for a successful birth.

It is  possible to channel information about Spirit Babies if the parents are too far away to come in for a consultation. I have had five hundred  email consultations for this issue. Please check the page on Questions for parents of Spirit Babies.