Fee Structure




Spirit Baby Reading  on-line $300 USD

Hypnosis for fertility(by phone) $120 USD

Hypnosis for fertility plus questions directed  to babies $250 USD

Past life reading $200.00USD

Past life regression hypnosis in person $170

Guides and angels reading $200 USD

Hypnosis for any other health issue $120 USD

When an online reading is completed, Paypal is billed .

Upon payment I send the reading to the client.


General Information


  • I have worked with 500 families to help them communicate with their Spirit Babies
  • You may wish to get a copy of my book, Spirit Baby (Amazon).
  • I do a turnaround within a week of receiving all requested info and questions.
  • A reading takes me a day, so I can totally focus on your needs.
  • I have a 99% client approval rating (please see Spirit Baby client feedback page).
  • I developed the trance questioning method (in which mothers get answers themselves from their Spirit Babies).
  • This is a second step after a reading.( No one else offers this service.)