Natural Fertility Promotion

Natural Fertility Promotion


As an Alternative Therapist for the last fifteen years, I have learned about a great many ways of enhancing fertility in time–tested ways, some of them centuries or millennia old. I have studied a dozen modalities; I taught Holistic Nutrition and Alternative Therapy at George Brown College, and I raise chickens and bees.

1.) Nourish and tonify the  entire body by eating  high quality vegetables, greens and herbs . Eat organic food when possible. Eat red beets which tonify the uterus.

2.) Relax the nervous system.  For instance drink chamomile tea with honey. Honey has a great many beneficial trace elements and is also an effective antibiotic.  Yoga can also relax the nervous system, especially the meditation component. Reiki works  in a similar way by balancing the chakras and promoting relaxation. See a Reiki Master to clear any blockages in your sacral chakra, especially if  you have lost a pregnancy. The womb can hold the grief.

Hypnosis can also be used to overcome negative messages quickly (for example after having received many negative messages you can be  reprogrammed  to feel “ I am fertile.”) This turns the hypothalamus, which controls ovulation, back on. See a Certified Hypnotist with specialized training in Hypnosis for Fertility.

 3.) Establish and balance normal functioning of the hormonal system through sleep, sunshine, fresh air, herbs and greens with intense flavours such as red clover flowers, nettle, red raspberry leaves eaten raw, also parsley, cilantro, rosemary,   thyme.  Essential oil preparations , made with highly concentrated plant products which affect hormonal  action, can also help establish regular menstrual cycles.  See a trained Aromatherapist who can make you  personalized blends  which need to be used over a  28 day period to establish a regular cycle. 

4.) Balance sexual desire with adequate sleep and real food.  Essential oil preparations can also enhance sexual desire. Each member of the couple should be instructed in the use of Aromatherapy massage with specific blends for the purpose of   enhancing desire and fertility.

5.) Make a spiritual connection with your baby as soon as possible, even before conception. Call the child in to you. Almost all women who want a baby have a Spirit Baby in their aura. Speak to the child the way mothers who are pregnant speak to the baby inside the uterus. Sing to the baby in your aura. Make sure your child   feels welcome. The Spirit Baby  needs to make  the soul connection to its parents and particularly its mother.

Christine Nightingale, B.A. (Psychology, U of T), Reiki Master; Aromatherapist (Sheridan College);Certified Hypnotist (Ontario College of Hypnosis) ;  Medium since birth