How I Communicate With Spirit Babies

How  I Communicate with  Spirit Babies

Years before I had my children I knew I would have two boys, then a girl. I must have been aware of my Spirit babies lined up in my own aura.

About a decade ago when doing Reiki treatments,  I started getting messages from  Spirit Babies in the mother’s aura. I was also able to communicate with my grand-daughter for years before her conception.

I also knew that my daughter had a Spirit Baby boy in her aura for years. She is now pregnant with a boy.

When I see clients in person it is easy to get in touch  with the Spirit Baby, who is always in the mother’s aura.

But most of my clients are by email.

I would like to explain  how my gift works, as far as possible.

I know it’s highly unusual, and I don’t control how it comes to me.

It is very hard work and I love it.  It takes me at least two hours per session, sometimes three or more.

You see, it requires a particular type of focus, very similar to that of an artist.  Now, some artists use sculpture and some use oil paint.  Some musicians use drums and some use harps.

My clients say it is very useful , comforting and  even amazing to hear what their babies have to say.

I can tune into your energy and that of the other people I ask about with the information you will be sending.

When  I see people in person I can hear the messages from their babies (clairaudience).

Sometimes I get a third-eye visual of how the baby is choosing to look at that moment, for example. a two year old girl carrying a basket of flowers (clairvoyance).

If the information is very powerful I get  a physical reaction , like a shiver up my spine (clairsentience)

Seeing the information of names and birth dates on the page helps me to tune in to the Akashic records of the lives of the spirits involved , to know what brings these souls together, for example (claircognizance)

 I usually work in the wee hours of the morning, when other people’s energy is least likely to interfere.

The conversations with spirit babies, grandparent spirits who are often watching the babies etc. are transcribed and sent to you.

This is about what the babies wish to say, things they need you to know.

They may well choose to address messages to you directly, calling you Mommy or Daddy .

You are  free to add unlimited questions to the information you send me and the babies or other spirits (such as guides or spirits  of deceased relatives) will answer.

The babies often speak at   a spiritual (adult)  level , since they have had previous lives and may present with adult sensibility.

Most of my clients are by email. I ask for information which helps me tune in to the energies involved.

I will complete your  reading , bill you by Paypal, and upon payment I send it to you.. My charge is $300. USD.
Email readings are about 6 pages long, along with a great many supporting materials about how to communicate with  spirit babies, natural fertility aids etc. Many of my clients are able to become pregnant successfully after working with me, even after years of expensive and invasive treatments , miscarriages and infertility . My  focus is on developing confidence in my clients’ ability to heal the issues which led to infertility, and in establishing communication with the  baby spirit.
I  taught elementary school for decades . I was told by my last  principal   that i was better at understanding what the issue was with a child who was having difficulties  than anyone else she knew. This was of course because i was able to communicate with  children, even special needs children, at an intuitive level. At a distance this is facilitated by name and birth date of family members of the child who has chosen the family. .  . I also taught alternative therapy(Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hypnosis, etc.)  and Holistic Nutrition at the community college level. Client satisfaction referrals help me  consistently have the top Google rankings for my specialty, Spirit Baby work.

Client One

Hi Christine,

Wow, the reading was AMAZING…..

So much of it resonates with me, and I feel so much more at peace, and excited about all that came through!

 The wording of …..messages was like he was talking to me, in fact as I was reading I could just hear him actually saying it!

It has blown me away with who …. was in the previous life she talked about.

And, with the surrounding circumstances of her passing this time, it makes complete sense.

Once again thank you, and I’m so grateful that this world has people like you!


N. H.


Client Two

Thank you so much for your reading.  It gave me so much peace of mind.

I feel like I can venture into a new pregnancy without feeling so much fear and anxiety, now,

and I am pleased that my future daughter is looking forward to being with us as much as we are looking forward to being with her.)

Wow…  Now, that’s something to wrap my head around )  Very illuminating, Christine.  Thanks, again, and I wish you all the best.


Client Three

May God keep blessing the work you do for many years more… As you can imagine,

I’m floating with joy, happiness and my tears are filled with endless love and gratitude.
Once again, from the bottom of my heart NAMASTE!
Love & Light

Client Four


Just wanted to let you know I am 12 weeks pregnant!  With twins!

Thanks for your help


Client Five

Hi Christine ,

Thank you so much for an amazing reading! We are so grateful and feel blessed to have contacted you and it gives

us enormous peace of mind! All the pieces are coming together and l am feeling very excited and hopeful and

can work on deepening the connection to help them both come thru!!! You are very gifted and will pass on your  details to my friends and family so you may get an influx of Aussies wanting help !

Words can’t express how happy and relieved we feel and we can’t thank you enough!!!!!!

Much love and light


Client Six

Thank you very much Christine!   I really do like the reading. A long time ago someone told me that I would have a girl and a boy but

 she wasn’t  sure who would come first 🙂  I think they are still taking about that! hehehe I will look for the book ASAP



Client Seven

Hi Christine,

I just wanted to share the news with you!

I am 9 wweks pregnant with twins!!

Thank you for the session that we had back in March!!!

Best regards,


Client Eight

Dearest Christine, firstly thank you so very very much for sending me my reading so quickly. It has bought such peace to my heart and mind as well as an understanding as to why what has happened happened. However what you have said has given me the key to free my mind from that and see the situation

 with a new found clarity and purpose.  If I hadn’t found you I really don’t know how I would have come to terms with things as well as find the courage and strength to go on. I am so grateful to you and your

 gift; beyond words I am so so thankful.

Christine, my gratitude is beyond words, for what you have given me; hope, faith,  and the courage to trust my heart. The past Iunderstand, I am at peace in the moment and the future is full of light and promise. I feel so so lucky that I found you.

Thank you to you, for being here and sharing your gift, thank you. Love and blessings


Client Nine

THANK YOU! You helped me turn off the ego

in my mind- I can really rest now and resume my faith! 🙂 C.


Client Ten

Thank you thank you! This reading has warmed my heart and is helping me to continue this journey and not give up. I have always felt a connection to the spirit baby and I will try to spiritually connect to him. Everything you have said I have known. This infertility struggle has definitely changed who I am…and has had an effect on my inner self tremendously, but the fighter in me will heal.  That I am sure of!

I am grateful for you and your gift.



Client Eleven

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for the spirit baby channelling which was lovely and so reassuring. Thank you for the advice .

I’ve read Walter Makichen’s book ‘Spirit Babies’ and have been doing the Meditations to connect with the spirit baby and to strengthen my energy body. I am feeling a lot more positive about the whole process after your reading. It’s a blessing I found your website.

Keep doing the amazing work you’re  doing.  Thank you again so much.

Angel Blessings,


 Client Twelve

Dear Christine,

I can never thank you enough! The messages you shared with me assured me that my sweet child is there, and will soon be part of our family. The messages also confirmed what I already knew in my heart, that I can do this naturally! Thank you for giving me back faith in my own body!
You are a very special human being. I am so happy that I found you! What an amazing gift you have!
Thank you again, you’ve restored my faith and given joy back to me!



Client Thirteen

Hi Christine,


Thank  you so much for your reading. It has really brought a lot of peace to my heart, knowing that everything is and will be ok. I will definitely meditate on everything that was said and try to be as positive as I can be moving forward. You have a beautiful gift!


Thanks again.


Client 111

What an amazing reading, I can’t thank you enough.  I feel so encouraged by your reading - we are all completely ready to receive this child into our lives and into our home, they will receive so much unconditional love and encouragement to grow.


You have a such a gift, and how wonderful it is you can use it to help people.  I will be following the guidance you gave, and I will keep you posted on my progress (I’ll let you know when I am pregnant!)

My best


Client 125

Hi Christine,


We hope this message finds you, the cats, and chickens all well ;-).  I would like to cancel our meeting next week for the happiest of reasons.  Everything is going very well. My husband  and I are talking to the baby every day and best of all I’m feeling calm and relaxed.  All of our early medical tests (blood and ultrasound) show that baby is developing well and all looks normal.  We want to thank you for all that we learned in our earlier meetings and to thank you for your warmth and compassion.


Warmest Regards,