Services for GLBT People

Studies have shown that 10% of the population everywhere in the world identifies as GLBT.

In many areas the life goals of Gay, Lesbian,Bixsexual and Trans-gendered people may be similar to that of the majority,( finding someone to love and be loved by, having meaningful work, family acceptance of who they are, the support of friends). At the same time, even in our our relatively enlightened society, extra stumbling blocks are put in the way of achieving thse goals. As the gay daughter of a friend told me, there is a much smaller population  to choose from when seeking a relationship, and perhaps not as many acceptable ways to meet a partner. And many people delay coming out, for many legitimate reasons such as fear of ridicule, judgement, religious ostracism, family disapproval. For anyone who has felt the need to live a lie for  many years, it can be difficult to arrive at a sense of self-respect and confidence about achieving normal human goals (for example, having children with   a new partner of the same sex). Of course many GLBT  have chidlren from previous heterosexual relationships.

My god-daughter is in a happy relationship with another woman and is expecting a child( by donor). It took a while for my lifelong friend (her father) to accept this impending arrival with joy. I kept telling him it would be wonderful thing for this baby to come into the family. One reason for my friend’s concern is that he felt his workmates would not accept his daughter’s orientation, so he could not talk about it with the natural grandfatherly pride he actually felt. These attitudes  are slowly changing. of course.

Friends of friends are a gay couple with a baby boy born to a surrogate. They were very touched when I sent along a baby gift. Of course any gay or lesbian couple who want a baby have to go to a great deal more trouble to have a child and my feeling is that this means these children are very loved and wanted. No evidence indicates any lesser capacity for parenting.

My favourite cousin(male) has been with the same man for 30 years. They are now married. I think in the time in which they were living, becoming parents did not come up as an issue. But they are close to their nephews.

The issues which GLBT people have to face, over and above what everyone faces, include not just homphobia but also shame and a lack of self-acceptance, plus fears about where and when it is safe to come out-as these issues come  up again and again in many contexts.

I can help in several ways. I am a good listener, and non-judgemental about people’s needs. The scripts I write for individualized hypnosis sessions seek to overcome all the negative messages (10,000 hours) which any of my clients may have received through the years. Growing up in a sexualized society where heterosexuality is implied as the norm in most advertising, some faith teachings, and books which are available within school settings, can certainly cause particular stresses for GLBT people. Their goals , articulated by themselves , can be written into scripts which, while they are in a relaxed meditative  state, can be strengthened. For example, a client may seek to   become more confident in dealing with family of origin, or in seekng a satisfying relationship. Reiki energy healing is relaxing to virtually everyone who experiences it-and can reduce stress fron any cause.  Also,  Aromatherapy blends, which affect physical, mental and spiritual states, can be very helpful.

You can change your life and becoem the person you want to be.

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