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Questions for Spirit Baby Reading

I have found in over 450 email  sessions  that usually a great many  details and information come through.

Time and space  have no meaning on the other side. All intuitives have tools of access (tarot cards, tea leaves, rune stones, scrying   etc.) .

I can access your information when I have your name and birth date and the same information for the others you are asking about, so I can cross-check.

(In a similar way astrologers need your name and birth date to do a reading for you.)

My charge is $400.00 USD
Spirit Babies usually stay with their mother, in her aura.

They may in some instances choose their daddy first.

Most of my clients are by e-mail.

Please  send me the following:

Future mother’s and father’s  full names and birth dates.

Names and birth dates of any living children


Fertility history

Details of  any lost pregnancy such as beginning  and end dates  as far as you know them.

Any partial diagnosis such as low sperm count, thyroid issues, irregular periods

Length of time trying.

Any procedures tried (with approx.. dates).

Anything else you think might be relevant?

No limit on how many questions you send.
People often ask why their spirit baby has chosen them, their feelings etc.
Recent clients asked

  • What do you need in order to come in?
  • Do you need to be reassured? .
  • Is there anything you need Mommy to know?
  • What can Mommy do to be a good mother and offer you a good family?
  • Does Mommy need to relax more?
  • Does Mommy need to make changes to my lifestyle?
  • Is there something Mommy does not know that she  does not know?
    What was the significance of…..?
    How do you feel, Spirit Baby  ?
    What does  Mommy need to do to help you, Spirit Baby ?
  • How can Mommy communicate  with you?
    Is there anything  Daddy  and Mommy need to change?
    Life style or diet or …. ?
    What  is your life task, Spirit Baby?
    How can Mommy and Daddy help you fulfill this task?
    Do you   care which gender body you take for the next life?
    Have Daddy and Mommy had a previous connection to you?
    What can Mommy do to make you feel safe?
  • Any  information about maternal grandmother’s fertility history?
  • (This has a great effect on her daughter’s experiences of pregnancy and birth.)
  • Please use  these  as suggestions only. Add or delete as you wish .

    When you send me the information and questions I will do the reading ASAP and bill you by Paypal.

  • You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.
  • Love and light,
  • Christine


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Webinar : Spirit Babies

The Event:

Information for your Guests / Contacts:

Web Link:

Topic: Spirit Babies

Featuring: Christine Nightingale

Hosted by: Kathy Wilson of Healing Nexus

Date /Time: Nov 7, 2012 9:00pm Eastern [Ottawa/ Toronto/ New York]

Phone Access: (206) 402-0100 Conf ID: 087932#

Local Dial in Numbers:

[Canada/ USA / Britain / Australia]

Skype Access:

Web Link: [For Pre-During-Replay]

Recording will be available for later listening at the above link.

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Weight Loss


For weight loss, minimum one a month recommended, takes as long as it takes to lose the weight sensibly, meaning 2-3 pounds a week max. Some people prefer once a week for weight loss to really get the changes going. Therefore it is certainly harder to predict, but it really does work. Motivation to exercise, a change in one’s own perceptions re what and how much to eat, overcoming emotional triggers, it’s complex.

Almost everyone has interconnected issues. For example, a person with family-of -birth issues may need to become assertive with energy-takers in that family in order to get on with their own lives. Weight may “protect” a person from pain at subconscious level.

I always ask the client to send me all the information they can think of re emotional eating, junk foods which are their downfall, eating mindlessly for example in front of the TV or on the phone, lack of motivation to exercise etc.

I used to teach Holistic Nutrition at George   Brown College. I also incorporate Reiki energy healing into most sessions. It helps people relax and get their stuck energy flowing.

If clients  they are ready to make those positive changes the changes  start amazingly fast.

In order that I can individualize your script, please answer some questions.

1.)   Any childhood issues related to this problem?(e.g., food used as a reward.)

2 Emotional triggers?

3.)Specific junk food issues(chips, any kind of pop including diet, French fries, sweet pastries etc.)

4.) Do you need motivation to exercise?

5.) Any related health problems?

6.) Do you want Reiki energy healing included?(no extra charge)

7.) Anything else which you can think of which relates directly or indirectly to this issue. For example, eating in front of the TV or on the phone.

At your first session we will discuss your issue at some length. Further scripts will be modified as issues come up for resolution. Usually other areas such as setting goals, self-confidence etc. can be addressed as needed.

Please feel free to E-mail with any questions.


For more information, or to contact me directly, see the about me page.

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Clearing spaces

My brother lost his son to a car accident when John was just 19 .They were very close; more lik friends than father and son, working together in the construction company my brother built from scratch in the beautiful backwoods of Maine. My older brother had built the shell of a second home for John to live in with his fiance when they were married. It was extemely difficult for him to let his son go.


Many years passed. the huge,beautiful shell of a home, with a sunburst on its front, was never completed. The shell stood empty; no kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms were ever completed. Only the basement area was used for a storage shed for my brother’s many construction vehicles.


I went to visit my brother in his home with the intention of hleping him clear the energy. The air in the building was as thick as molasses; it was hard to move through it. I went in with sage to burn, as the native people used to use to clear energy; I had an abalone shell to catch the ashes, as one must always use a natural object to catch the ashes in.


I went into each corner, each window, telling the spirit to go to the light, saying prayers as I crossed each threshold. My brother and my then-husband started noticing that the air was clearing, the heaviness was going. Then John’s vocie, very clearly said ,” I love you, dad,” and he was gone(to the light).  Perhaps at least part of his spirit had been  earthbound because he was so much missed and needed on this side.


I have cleared a house for a real-estate agent because the energy was so bad that it could not be sold.

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Spirit Babies

As most mothers understand, it is possible to communicate with the unborn child.  This does not have to stop even if the child passes on. It is possible to communicate with a child not yet conceived, or a child which has passed. There are always reasons why a spirit may not be ready to enter into incarnation at this time. A woman who has suffered a miscarriage may need help in communicating with the child, which may have reasons for being afraid to come in. In my work with couples who have either been infertile or have lost one or more children to miscarriage or early death, several things have become clear.

If a child is afraid to come in, it may have suffered a tramuatic or violent death at a young age in a previous life. In such cases a child needs reassurance that the parents will love and nurture and protect it.

If a couple is having difficulty conceiving, it may be that the child who is meant to come for them is not yet avuialble;it may still be incarnated in another body at this time. It is  possible in such a case to give a pretty goood estimate of when that child is going to come.

A child  which has passed through abortion or through miscarriage retains a connection to the mother for a long time, even decades. it does not feel anger. It may wish to return at some later time. There is certainly no question of guilt or wrongdoing on the mother’s part….death is an illusion. The spirit cannot be killed. It will return when the time is right if allowed to.

If a child dies, leaving unfinished business, it will return to its own family if possible. Onepossible route is returning to its own sister as her baby. Even a much older person can return to a family-as her own great-grand-daughter, for example.

You always get exactly the child who are meant to get. There are almost always past-life rreasons why a particular child may come to you. Even in situations in which a mother has a terrible relationship wih a son, for example, there is a question of unfinished business, a debt to be paid. No judgement around that-we are on this plane to learn. We choose our life lessons, who we will meet, our parents, our life tasks, on the other side. I have been blessed to help a spirit on the other side help plan a future life with a family member on this side.

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Hypnosis for Fertility

It has been stated that the stress of infertility is equal to that of cancer , divorce or other traumatic events. The hypnothalamus. which controls hormone production,  is  affected by stress; specifically, the hormaones affecting the monthly release  of the ovum, and preparation of the uterine lining for implanatation, are likely to be affected. One of the most common tests for infertility, the LHS test, is taken as indiciative of infertilty if the score is over ten. Awoman who has alaready had a hard time getting pregnant, and is tense about the possible “sentence of infertility” that mayl be given to her by an authority figure, is unlikely to be calm and relaxed…which in many cases would lead to a truer , and lower, LHS reading.

The function of hypnotherapy is to relax the person and address subconscious barriers to conception. Everyone understands that stress can casue skin rashes, and even heart attacks. If the body is under stress, the sympathehetic nervous system prepares us for fight or flight..which is totally imcompatible with preparation for reproduction.

However, it is more complicated than this .The reasons why a woman may shut down(not ovulate, or  not prepare a sutiable uterine lining to maintain a pregnancy) have much more to do with factors from many years ago-messages she recveived and believed about her own fertility or perhaops fitness to be a mother. Messages like”all the women in my family have difficulty conceiving” can be a seflf-fulfilling prophecy. We are not a brain with a body attached. Every cell responds to the messages which we believe to be true. Many of them are detrimental, but because they  operate at a subsconscious level, they can only be addressed at a subconscious level. A woman who has had a miscarriage or abortion or has given a baby up for adoption, or has undergone other sorts of trauma, may have difficulty conceiving because emotional healing has not yet occured.

On average, a women wih a diagnosis of infertily has an 18-28% chance of pregancy after an average of 7 IVF procedures. When this method is supplemented by hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, or other body mind methods(preferably in combination) the stats rise to 45-65 % take-home babies.

Why the huge dispartity? Because in fact many of the women diagnosed with” unexplained fertility” have a perfectly good reason fo being infertile…their bodies are under so much stress(often due to issues in the past, not present) that the fertility switch, operated by the hypnothalamus, is virtually always in the off position.

It is a truism that  many couples who give up on fertiltiy procedures and adopt sufddenly become pregnant. That’s because the pressure is off and they can finally relax.

It would probably make a lot for sense for most couples to use about 10 sessions of body-mind work, at a fraction of the cost of invasive medical procedures, to increase their chances of haing a baby naturally. This can be done before, concurrent with or after allopathic procedures such as IVF.

I  use Reiki energy healing in combination with hypnotherapy to address subconscious issues.

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Services for GLBT People

Studies have shown that 10% of the population everywhere in the world identifies as GLBT.

In many areas the life goals of Gay, Lesbian,Bixsexual and Trans-gendered people may be similar to that of the majority,( finding someone to love and be loved by, having meaningful work, family acceptance of who they are, the support of friends). At the same time, even in our our relatively enlightened society, extra stumbling blocks are put in the way of achieving thse goals. As the gay daughter of a friend told me, there is a much smaller population  to choose from when seeking a relationship, and perhaps not as many acceptable ways to meet a partner. And many people delay coming out, for many legitimate reasons such as fear of ridicule, judgement, religious ostracism, family disapproval. For anyone who has felt the need to live a lie for  many years, it can be difficult to arrive at a sense of self-respect and confidence about achieving normal human goals (for example, having children with   a new partner of the same sex). Of course many GLBT  have chidlren from previous heterosexual relationships.

My god-daughter is in a happy relationship with another woman and is expecting a child( by donor). It took a while for my lifelong friend (her father) to accept this impending arrival with joy. I kept telling him it would be wonderful thing for this baby to come into the family. One reason for my friend’s concern is that he felt his workmates would not accept his daughter’s orientation, so he could not talk about it with the natural grandfatherly pride he actually felt. These attitudes  are slowly changing. of course.

Friends of friends are a gay couple with a baby boy born to a surrogate. They were very touched when I sent along a baby gift. Of course any gay or lesbian couple who want a baby have to go to a great deal more trouble to have a child and my feeling is that this means these children are very loved and wanted. No evidence indicates any lesser capacity for parenting.

My favourite cousin(male) has been with the same man for 30 years. They are now married. I think in the time in which they were living, becoming parents did not come up as an issue. But they are close to their nephews.

The issues which GLBT people have to face, over and above what everyone faces, include not just homphobia but also shame and a lack of self-acceptance, plus fears about where and when it is safe to come out-as these issues come  up again and again in many contexts.

I can help in several ways. I am a good listener, and non-judgemental about people’s needs. The scripts I write for individualized hypnosis sessions seek to overcome all the negative messages (10,000 hours) which any of my clients may have received through the years. Growing up in a sexualized society where heterosexuality is implied as the norm in most advertising, some faith teachings, and books which are available within school settings, can certainly cause particular stresses for GLBT people. Their goals , articulated by themselves , can be written into scripts which, while they are in a relaxed meditative  state, can be strengthened. For example, a client may seek to   become more confident in dealing with family of origin, or in seekng a satisfying relationship. Reiki energy healing is relaxing to virtually everyone who experiences it-and can reduce stress fron any cause.  Also,  Aromatherapy blends, which affect physical, mental and spiritual states, can be very helpful.

You can change your life and becoem the person you want to be.

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