Clearing spaces

My brother lost his son to a car accident when John was just 19 .They were very close; more lik friends than father and son, working together in the construction company my brother built from scratch in the beautiful backwoods of Maine. My older brother had built the shell of a second home for John to live in with his fiance when they were married. It was extemely difficult for him to let his son go.


Many years passed. the huge,beautiful shell of a home, with a sunburst on its front, was never completed. The shell stood empty; no kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms were ever completed. Only the basement area was used for a storage shed for my brother’s many construction vehicles.


I went to visit my brother in his home with the intention of hleping him clear the energy. The air in the building was as thick as molasses; it was hard to move through it. I went in with sage to burn, as the native people used to use to clear energy; I had an abalone shell to catch the ashes, as one must always use a natural object to catch the ashes in.


I went into each corner, each window, telling the spirit to go to the light, saying prayers as I crossed each threshold. My brother and my then-husband started noticing that the air was clearing, the heaviness was going. Then John’s vocie, very clearly said ,” I love you, dad,” and he was gone(to the light).¬† Perhaps at least part of his spirit had been¬† earthbound because he was so much missed and needed on this side.


I have cleared a house for a real-estate agent because the energy was so bad that it could not be sold.

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