Weight Loss


For weight loss, minimum one a month recommended, takes as long as it takes to lose the weight sensibly, meaning 2-3 pounds a week max. Some people prefer once a week for weight loss to really get the changes going. Therefore it is certainly harder to predict, but it really does work. Motivation to exercise, a change in one’s own perceptions re what and how much to eat, overcoming emotional triggers, it’s complex.

Almost everyone has interconnected issues. For example, a person with family-of -birth issues may need to become assertive with energy-takers in that family in order to get on with their own lives. Weight may “protect” a person from pain at subconscious level.

I always ask the client to send me all the information they can think of re emotional eating, junk foods which are their downfall, eating mindlessly for example in front of the TV or on the phone, lack of motivation to exercise etc.

I used to teach Holistic Nutrition at George   Brown College. I also incorporate Reiki energy healing into most sessions. It helps people relax and get their stuck energy flowing.

If clients  they are ready to make those positive changes the changes  start amazingly fast.

In order that I can individualize your script, please answer some questions.

1.)   Any childhood issues related to this problem?(e.g., food used as a reward.)

2 Emotional triggers?

3.)Specific junk food issues(chips, any kind of pop including diet, French fries, sweet pastries etc.)

4.) Do you need motivation to exercise?

5.) Any related health problems?

6.) Do you want Reiki energy healing included?(no extra charge)

7.) Anything else which you can think of which relates directly or indirectly to this issue. For example, eating in front of the TV or on the phone.

At your first session we will discuss your issue at some length. Further scripts will be modified as issues come up for resolution. Usually other areas such as setting goals, self-confidence etc. can be addressed as needed.

Please feel free to E-mail with any questions.


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